Greener Project Development Inc. Pledges $25,000 in Bursaries to Support Self-Funded Nova Scotia University Students

Halifax, NS – September 14, 2023 – Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to higher education and a sustainable future, Greener Project Development Inc. has announced its “Greener Grinder” program, an ambitious initiative aimed at supporting Nova Scotia University students who are self-financing their educational journeys.

Through this program, Greener Project Development Inc. will donate a total of $25,000 over the next decade to provide financial relief and support for deserving students. The initiative underscores the company’s belief in the potential of young, driven individuals and the importance of providing them with opportunities to thrive academically and professionally.

“The ‘Greener Grinder’ program embodies our core values as a company. We recognize the grit and determination of students who work hard to fund their own education. By assisting them financially, we hope to ease some of their burdens and inspire them to continue pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve,” Joshua Svec, Owner of Greener Project Development Inc.

Joshua Svec – Owner – Greener Project Development Inc.

To be eligible for the bursary:

Students must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at a Nova Scotia University.

They must demonstrate a financial need and must be paying their own way through university, without substantial financial support from family or external scholarships.

Applications for the bursary are currently open, and interested students are encouraged to apply through 

“This is more than just a financial donation. It’s a commitment to the future leaders of our community. We believe that by investing in their education today, we’re fostering a brighter, greener tomorrow,” Joshua Svec.

Greener Project Development Inc. invites other organizations and businesses in the region to join them in this effort, either by collaborating on the “Greener Grinder” initiative or by establishing their own scholarship and bursary programs.

2022 Greener Grinder Winner Alyssa Fitt of St. FX University